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Good Reasons to Learn How to Drive Through a Driving School

It took many years for me to appreciate that driving was a privilege and not a right. When I look closely at the road accidents fatalities, placing blame is hard to come by. Perhaps the problem can be fixed when potential drivers are learning how to drive a car the right way.

For all those clamoring to learn how to drive in the state of Georgia, let me give you several reasons why you should engage the services of a professional driving school. Someone recently called my office and asked, do I need insurance to learn to drive with an instructor? The correct answer is no.

Why You Need an Instructor to Learn How to Drive

Car Safety

All driving school cars are required to have an additional braking mechanism, just in case the student driver try to make a fatal mistake. I lost count how many times I prevented an accident, due to the fact that the potential future driver did not follow simple instructions very well.

In most driving school cars, the most popular extra restraint used is an additional breaking pedal on the passenger side. It is also common to find older driving school automobiles with an additional steering wheel on the passenger side.

Using a driving school car to learn how to drive the right way is better than trying to get your good friend or parents to teach you. With dozens of fatalities to look through from auto insurance association websites, learning to drive using a friend’s car should not be taken lightly due to the inherent dangers.

My recommendation for both teenagers and adult driving permit holders is to find a good, reasonably priced driving school in your area and get the right lessons with the safest cars. While it is not against the law for another older licensed driver to teach one how to drive, the potential for disaster on our busy streets should give one pause for concern for the inherent dangers.

Learn How to Drive

No Need for Insurance

Your dad’s insurance policy does not include the coverage for teaching someone how to drive in our local streets or on the highway. Before you take it upon yourself and teach your kid or a friend how to drive, call your insurance company and ask if that is allowed.

While most people engage in the behavior while hoping nothing bad happens, the chances of a wreck occurring increases with every driving lesson given. Your insurance coverage comes with financial limitations, and any higher judgment will become your responsibility.

The driving school you employ will be fully bonded, insured and licensed to provide instructions for teen and adult drivers in the state of Georgia. If they have a website like, you can ask to see the state insurance certification, before commencing the lessons.

Hoping and praying no accidents occur when you’re teaching your teen or friend to drive, is fraught with too many possibilities for God to be on your side. Better to do it right from the beginning, and experience the results of learning how to drive the right way from a certified instructor.

No Need to Buy Gas

For the car to move at all it needs gasoline, and that will not be your responsibility once you engage the services of a good driving school in Atlanta or your area of residence.

Well Maintained Driving Lesson Car

A well run driving school will come to you with a well maintained automobile that will not breakdown on the road, while you’re getting your lessons. Since the cars are used for earning a living, you can bet most are serviced on a regular basis.

Can you say the same for your friend’s car, before you get behind the wheel? You should consider the risk of just practicing using any car. Hire the professionals to bring you the right car, and all you have to worry about to learn how to drive, is follow simple instructions from an expert driver.

You Get Free Pickup/Delivery

Any well run driving school in the state of Georgia will at least offer to pick you up for your lessons and drop you off afterwards at no additional charge. We have certified instructors that are trained to pick you up at convenient times, and drop you off at your preferred location afterwards.

Convenient Hours to Suit Your Needs

Have you ever tried to get someone to do you a huge risky favor? Most would make promises and vacillate on the available time as they weigh the risks involved. The few dollars you might save is not worth the hassle of chasing a friend down to get the approximate time for your driving lessons.

This is just another risky element to consider, when trying to learn how to drive from a friend or parent. The added dangers far outweigh what you’ll be saving in dollar amounts. Hire a certified driving school in Georgia, and get your own confirmed driving lesson to suit your needs.

Can You Afford Driving School Prices?

Listed above are some of the obvious and common-sense reasons you want to learn how to drive through a professional driving school. Do not let driving school prices in Atlanta hold you back, for we do offer substantial discounts, if you book multiple hours of driving instructions through our secured website.

Just so you know, we offer better prices than a1 driving school in the state of Georgia. Best of all, teaching you how to drive the right way is our ultimate goal at best driving school Atlanta. For worried parents, we pride ourselves in taking care of the needs of nervous teen drivers.

Our certified instructors are also trained to handle new adult drivers with upmost care. You can simply click the link below to sign up and pay online, or you can call 770-935-5322, and one of our certified instructors would be happy to assist you with your driving needs.


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