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Teen Driving Classes/Rates

This is the online drivers education class you need to satisfy the classroom requirement of Joshua’s Law. If you’re between the ages of 16 and 18, taking this online class will allow you to qualify for Class D driver’s license.

We have a unique approach to teaching our students the right way to drive. Our driving instructor know how to get the best out of even nervous first time drivers.

Each lesson is a one on one instruction with a certified instructor, and we have flexible hours to accommodate your needs.

Each driving lesson must be at least two or three hours long, and we offer many different starting time from 8.00 am.

Our driving lessons will help teenagers and adults learn how to drive with the ultimate goal of passing the Georgia state driving test the first try.

Select Driving Lessons:

2-Hours Driving Lessons (120.00)

3-Hours Driving Lessons (165.00)

4-Hours Driving Lessons (210.00)

5-Hours Driving Lessons (260.00)

6-Hours Driving Lessons (300.00)

8-Hours Driving Lessons (385.00)

10-Hours Driving Lessons (475.00)

12-Hours Driving Lessons (555.00)

14-Hours Driving Lessons (660.00)

16-Hours Driving Lessons (750.00)

18-Hours Driving Lessons (825.00)

20-Hours Driving Lessons (935.00)

25-Hours Driving Lessons (1170.00)

30-Hours Driving Lessons (1370.00)

40-Hours Driving Lessons (1780.00)

30-Hours Online TEEN Drivers Education Class (75.00) SIGN UP NOW!!

Road Test Car (150.00)

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